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SKU 9781292142265
Wydawnictwo Pearson
Autor Richard Wolfe
Data Wydania 16.08.2019
Oprawa Inna
Ilość stron 80
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We’re bombarded with messages every day, but no one tells you how to improve these vital email skills. In less than 100 pages, this handy book will help you discover how to regain control of your email – and get back to your job – in five simple steps.


Email doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Speedmailing’s five-step process you can manage emails quickly and efficiently.


The benefits of Speedmailing:

•    Empties your inbox every day

•    Increases your productivity and peace of mind

•    Keeps your to-do list in one place

•    Maintains a system of reminders

•    Makes sure nothing slips through the gaps

•    Improves communication

•    Decreases post-holiday stress

•    Works on any platform or device




'Smart people are lazy. So if you want to double your effectiveness and productivity emailing clients, colleagues and friends. Read this book.'

Eelco Smit, Personal & Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Bestselling Author of Book for MEN


“Simplicity is underestimated. Richard has sharpened the knife of day-to-day email management in the leanest possible way.'

Nick Bortot, Founder and CEO of FinTech startup BUX


'Speedmailing is a concise action plan for mastering email. Richard has distilled thousands of hours of training into an easy to follow guide that will turn your inbox from a burden into a powerful business tool.' 
Marshall Hughes, Inbox Zero Coach at coach.me


“Richard gives us a practical approach to email that really works, with useful habits and shortcuts that can drastically change the way we work. If you want to tame the monster that email has become, this book is for you. Forget emailing – the future is Speedmailing!”

Shirley Taylor, International bestselling author of Model Business Letters, Emails & Other Business Documents 7th Edition


“All my career I have focused on how we can get more leverage from our brain and process information quicker and better. Richard’s way of dealing with email blew me away when I realised that I will spend less energy on a per email basis, today and every day from now on. What a return on investment!'

Mark Tigchelaar, CEO of UseClark and Specialist in Speed Reading and Productivity


“An easy and practical life changer, one of these books of which you think why didn’t I read that earlier, it would help me so much”

Marine Guignardeau, Learning and Development Manager, L'Oréal Netherlands


“Until bots and AI solve the hassle of email, dealing with large quantities of email is a skill that is rarely mastered. This is definitely one of the best books on it and should be mandatory for every knowledgeworker.”

Martijn Aslander, Speaker, Writer and Boardroom Sparring Partner




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SKU 9781292142265
Wydawnictwo Pearson
Autor Richard Wolfe
Data Wydania 16.08.2019
Oprawa Inna
Ilość stron 80
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