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Code That Fits in Your Head. Heuristics for Software Engineering

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SKU 9780137464401
Wydawnictwo Pearson
Data Wydania 2021-11-10
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How to Reduce Code Complexity and Develop Software More Sustainably
"Mark Seemann is well known for explaining complex concepts clearly and thoroughly. In this book he condenses his wide-ranging software development experience into a set of practical, pragmatic techniques for writing sustainable and human-friendly code. This book will be a must-read for every programmer."
-- Scott Wlaschin, author of Domain Modeling Made Functional Code That Fits in Your Head offers indispensable, practical advice for writing code at a sustainable pace and controlling the complexity that causes projects to spin out of control.

Reflecting decades of experience helping software teams succeed, Mark Seemann guides you from zero (no code) to deployed features and shows how to maintain a good cruising speed as you add functionality, address cross-cutting concerns, troubleshoot, and optimize. You'll find valuable ideas, practices, and processes for key issues ranging from checklists to teamwork, encapsulation to decomposition, API design to unit testing.

Seemann illuminates his insights with code examples drawn from a complete sample project. Written in C#, they're designed to be clear and useful to anyone who uses any object-oriented language including Java , C++, and Python. To facilitate deeper exploration, all code and extensive commit messages are available for download.

Choose mindsets and processes that work, and escape bad metaphors that don't
Use checklists to liberate yourself, improving outcomes with the skills you already have
Get past "analysis paralysis" by creating and deploying a vertical slice of your application
Counteract forces that lead to code rot and unnecessary complexity
Master better techniques for changing code behavior
Discover ways to solve code problems more quickly and effectively
Think more productively about performance and security

If you've ever suffered through bad projects or had to cope with unmaintainable legacy code, this guide will help you make things better next time and every time.

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SKU 9780137464401
Wydawnictwo Pearson
Data Wydania 2021-11-10
Oprawa Inna